My Mission

Sarah Davis YogaTo bring the human element back to social media

Social media is ultimately, about human connection. It’s about feeling a part of something, reaching communities you might not usually have access to and being able to express who you are.

Everything I do is about tapping into people’s psychologies with manipulating them. I don’t do inauthentic or unethical.

To bridge the client/agency gap

Agency/client relationships often experience undertones of defensiveness and a general lack of transparency. I work with people who are a good fit for me as much as I am for them, and I will commit to always be honest, transparent and proactive. In short, I won’t treat you as ‘the client’. You’ll be a partner. 

To help people live more contented, peaceful lives

Helping to ease stresses and help people feel content with where they are now, whether it’s through yoga, or through connecting them with the right people and places.