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You know that social media is important, but you don’t know where to start, let alone have the time to dedicate to it. Sound familiar?

Maybe you’re put off by the endless jargon, the 1000-step strategies that will never be implemented, and the wasted money on Facebook ads.

I know the pain of creating a social media presence that actually has an impact – getting heat from the ‘higher ups’ without having any real guidance or time to get the job done. I’ve worked in small companies where it feels like you have 10 jobs at once. I get it.

The way I work is a simple, 3-step process:

1. Creating your social media strategy

I’ll create you a strategy that is personalised towards you and your business goals. Sure, it’ll be creative, but ultimately, it’ll be all about measurable results. If you need a beautiful presentation to wow the big cheeses, that’s what I’ll give you. If a comprehensive social media ‘bible’ that you’re after, that’s what you’ll get. I can flex to you and your needs – I don’t do cut-and-paste strategies.

2. Bringing it to life

Having an awesome strategy is one thing, making it actually happen is where it often falls down. I can liaise with you and your team to guide you in making it work with the least amount of time and effort possible. Or, if you need some extra support, let me take on the leg work of social media management.

3. Adding some extra ‘oomph’ with paid social

Having a great strategy gives you a great foundation for your brand – but if you really want to see some impressive, look-great-in-your-weekly-report results, paid social is your guy. I’ve run Facebook/Instagram ads for brands with budgets from £20 to £2 million, and trust me when I say I’ve seen amazing results across most of them. I can train you and the team on running your own ads with the best return, or I can take this off your hands and run everything and keep you updated on results.

The beauty of working with a humble freelancer like myself is that I can be flexible. Feel free to drop me a line with your needs and I’d be happy to have an initial (no-commitment) chat about what kind of support you feel you need, just get in touch on the form below or via



  • “Sarah joined my marketing team and made an immediate, substantial and hugely positive impact across our social media channels. Methodical, creative and analytical, Sarah is destined for great success in the future and it was a pleasure to have her in my team.”

    Former Marketing Director, Teletext Holidays


    Tom Sainsbury

  • “Sarah has been an important asset of our social and marketing team at MoreYoga, it is a pleasure to work with Sarah and I would recommend her for anyone looking to outsource their social media presence.”

    Head of Sales, MoreYoga

    Daniel Marin

  • “Sarah is an intelligent and driven marketing professional, with a keenness to develop. Sarah was a hugely important member of the Teletext Holidays Marketing team. After joining my team Sarah was instrumental in shaping and delivering our Social Media Strategy across both engagement and paid performance. Sarah transformed the way as a brand we engage with our community.

    Head of Marketing, Teletext Holidays

    Kelly Maher